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The 10 best games of 2015 for iPad (part 5)

The best games for ipad (part 5)

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Papers, Please

After the overwhelming success of PC, Lucas Pope has created this game for mobile devices iPhone and Apple iPad. The role of the protagonist is the control of persons in the republic of Arstotzka invented. According to explain Arstotzka inspired is a region in the Soviet Union. In this country, everyone is trying to enter without having the papers on the day, and the actor will have to safeguard that all the people pass on the border with the papers in order.

papers please, games for iPad, reated this game for mobile devices iPhone 4, iPhone 6, iphone 6 plus, iphone 5s and Apple iPad

Corruption comes into play, and you will have to avoid all the tricks that immigrants used to prevent these from entering the country. Seen in this way, the argument of this game may seem a little boring, but with the passage of time everything starts to be different and you’ll have the vice and the need to continue trying to avoid your task.

papers please screen

The interesting thing about this title, it is the adaptations to the screens of mobile devices, that with great success have known adapt the graphics to these dimensions.

Available on iTunes App Store along with other games for iPad.

Threes, games for iPad

Fun is guaranteed with Palm threes going out, with a very simple theme has been a success thanks to the hours of game that you have ahead. It is so addictive that we are confident that you can’t stop playing.

Threes, It is so addictive game for ipad

The goal of the third protagonist (it could not be any other way) is to go by combining the tabs that appear to go and get numbers by adding multiples of three. Do not think that it is easy, although apparently it is, because at the end of the day, we hours in front of the screen of the iPad or iPhone trying to, increasingly, get multiple numbers of three.

threes, It is so addictive that we are confident that you can't stop playing.

Your addiction is as you might experiment with games such as Candy Crush Saga, Clans of Clash or games super addictive.

Palm Threes going out you can find it in the Apple Store for a very reasonable price.

The 10 best games for iPad 2014 (part 2)

The 10 best games for iPad 2014 (part 3)

The 10 best games for iPad 2014 (part 4)

The 10 best games of 2015 for iPad (part 4)

The best games for ipad (part 4)

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Thomas Was Alone

The creator Mike Bithell has decided that it is time for their game out for the Apple operating system iOS years after being released in 2012 for PC and then to the consoles from Sony Play Station 3 and PS Vita, without distorting any of its virtues. Let’s know this game for iPad.

Thomas Was Alone, Mike Bithell, system iOS, Sony Play Station, PS Vita, iPhone, iPad, PC, Apple

The protagonists are something simple, are some geometric shapes that apparently do not have many good qualities, but don’t be fooled by its simplicity. The game’s story is told by a narrator splendidly giving a point more to your favor.

Thomas Was Alone, Mike Bithell, system iOS, Sony Play Station, PS Vita, iPhone, iPad, PC, Apple

You’ll have to combine the different abilities of each geometric figure to reach the end of each scenario, as that could not be otherwise you will have to overcome all kinds of obstacles and dangers. We must move the figure or place it in the most appropriate place to jump and reach high places.

Thomas Was Alone, Mike Bithell, system iOS, Sony Play Station, PS Vita, iPhone, iPad, PC, Apple

This game is composed of 90 levels of difficulty, so you’ll have hours of fun insured. Try this entertaining game for iPad.

Thomas was alone available the App Store for $4.99 USD

Hitman Go

With Hitman Go we keep on analyzing more games for iPad.

Hitman Go you will be giving turns to head for the puzzles that you proposed. The missions are short but intensely difficult to resolve, especially after spending the first five missions that are adapting to go honking with the rules of the game. You’ll have to study all the movements that you do, because you will have no option to end the mission.

Hitman Go, Apple, Iphone, Ipad, strategy, iOS, iTunes, App Store

With the name of Agent 47 and now known as Hitman Go for mobile platforms, we are presented with the story of a murderer that has many missions that resolve in a game developed exclusively for mobile devices, the only thing that changes is the progress of the game so that you can adapt it to the screens of the touchscreens.

Hitman Go, Apple, Iphone, Ipad, strategy, iOS, iTunes, App Store

Developed in 3D, Hitman Go has not ceased to have that environment stealth and secrecy of the that you will have to resolve. The strategy is what you’ll need to take into account the time to take on these missions. Have removed all kinds of action leaving that you have to think long and hard to get going.

Hitman Go, Apple, Iphone, Ipad, strategy, iOS, iTunes, App Store

As in each game, the complication is accentuated with each advance in level. It is not very complicated the know the theme of the game, because only you have to go from point A to point B by the marked paths. On these roads you will find some boxes through which they pass the enemies and you will have to delete only if you can find on their backs to it.

The strategy, as we have said before, is what you need to be very present to emerge unscathed from this game.

Available for IOS in the App Store.

The 10 best games for iPad 2015 (part 2, part 3 in

The 10 best games for iPad 2015 (part 5)

The 10 best games of 2015 for iPad (part 3)

Games for iPad part 3

We’re back here with more games for iPad. Let’s look at the part 3 of the best games for the iPad. It shares with the best app chat your favorite games for ipad. Remember that in Line for iPad you will find information about this device,the best applications and games for iPad.

Final Fantasy VI

Since I purchased my first console, the Play Station, the first console that Sony sac to the market and began to revolutionize the video games, Final Fantasy was one of the games that could not leave out of your catalog of games. This series of video games has been created by Hironobu Sakaguchi and staged by the Square-Enix company that formerly known as Squaresoft who have sold millions of copies.

Final Fantasy VI Many years of saga in RPG

This remake in format RPG jump a while ago for the Apple operating system (IOS) in which their graphics and soundtrack glow a dazzling form in the retina screen iPad, although there is no to be put to one side to the other Apple devices such as the iPhone and the iPod.

Final Fantasy VI Many years of saga in RPG

Final Fantasy does not cease to be one of the best role-playing games in the history of gaming that has been improved graphically with each new adventure, this time Square-Enix with the control of Kazuko Shibuya, creator of the game since its first delivery have sought to adapt the controls to the touch screen of the Tablet and Smartphones of Apple and thus have been used to make further improvements as you can be the texts in Spanish.

Final Fantasy VI Many years of saga in RPG

Its price $ USD 14.99 you can get to be a downside for some users of games for mobile devices, but they are assured a countless hours of enjoyment trying to resolve the difficulties that this role-playing game that will not leave you indifferent. Final Fantasy characters and their Terra, Locke and company will be your friends for a long time.

Available in the App Store for $ USD 14.99


The criticism of the world of video games has not been indifferent to this game. In the year 2010 was released to other media platforms and passing the cut with very good note. Now with a few years of delay, this game title with extravagant VVVVVV comes on the market for IOS with its offer original, with its retro looking and saving levels of difficulty by which we will have to go while we try to escape from all kinds of traps and tricks.

VVVVVV reminds us of Manic Miner, a classic game in the years 80 between the games for iPad.

vvvvv Play and have fun with retro aesthetic in 64K

VVVVVV for iPad

Themed platform, the character has a peculiarity which makes it different from all the games of this style. The character cannot jump alone, but that we have in our possession the possibility of altering the severity so you can walk down from the roof when you want or on the contrary walk by the floor without is the gravity setting.

Play and have fun with retro aesthetic in 64K

When you start playing with this game, you’ll realize that it is not a very addictive game, costing quite uncomfortable, but with each level, the addiction begins to take hold of it, because you’ll have the challenge of dodge mobile platforms, thorns that seek to thorns, mazes that resolve, and a long added problems.

vvvvvv Play and have fun with retro aesthetic in 64K

Its retro aesthetic, reminds us of the games of the 80s that were formerly consumed for computers of 32K and 64K in the infamous Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Available in IOS by $ USD 2.69

The 10 best games for iPad 2015 (part 2)

The 10 best games for iPad 2015 (part 4)


The 10 best games of 2015 for iPad (part 2)

Games for iPad part 2

We are analysing the best games for iPad. Know the part 2 of  the best games for iPad. Shares with Line for iPad all the developments for this devices. Play, share and enjoy with the best messaging app for iPad.

Leo’s Fortune

This game has been the winner of the Apple Design Award 2014. The company 1337 & Serin that has developed this game with brand new graphics, has opted for the creativity and quality for mobile devices, contributing to the genre of video games new ways to create apps to games.

Leo's Fortune A ball with a mustache of high quality

Leo’s Fortune: A ball with a mustache of high quality

Leo’s Fortune looks in an excellent manner on the screens of the Ipad with screen retina, its graphics are attractive for any target audience. The horizontal perspective of the game is still surprising, because the sense of depth is sensational. If to all this we add the originality, the myriad of brilliant colors and the addiction that creates this game, I am sure that will give you many hours of gameplay.

Leo's Fortune A ball with a mustache of high quality

Argument: Leopold El Dorado, the protagonist of this game, lives in a fantasy world. Leopold El Dorado a famed inventor with the shape of a ball with a moustache, you have to retrieve all of their wealth that you have been abducted to return to his home with his wife Mathilda name before it is time to sit down at the table for dinner.

Leo's Fortune A ball with a mustache of high quality

Platform game in 2D and with superb quality, manages to take his own personality thanks to its decoration and the variety of its diversity in the course and development of the game.

Leo’s Fortune available in the App Store for $ 0.99 USD

Monument Valley

We are faced with a game that surprised at your thematic simple but at the same time complex. With this game, makes it clear that you can also develop games for mobile devices and be able to enjoy many hours fun.

In our opinion Monument Valley it is one of the best games between the games for iPad.

Monument Valley Will captivate you from the start

With minimalist visuals, Monument Valley, presents us with a journey through various structures by which we guide you to the princess protagonist of this game, but we will have to be very careful, because not everything is what it seems.

Monument Valley: Will captivate you from the start

Intelligence is one of the things that have to point to finish with each level. The rotation of the different parts of each structure, pushing buttons and dodging enemies will be your task to compose a sure path to the princess to be able to pass through the without any difficulty.

Monument Valley Will captivate you from the start

Our ingenuity is the main thing we need to be pointed out, because you will have to be very sure what mechanism you’re going to move, to forge a happy ending. The complicated game levels are complemented with an ambience, with a few graphics and a soundtrack that will captivate you from the first minute of the game.

Game very simple but at the same time complicated to run. Its operation is excellent, despite the fact that its neat aesthetics has not been an obstacle to this. The levels increase in difficulty proposing different puzzles, but even so, you will get caught up since she began her music and see their first chart.

Monument Valley Will captivate you from the start

Its relatively high price not going to do that affliction is game. Available on the App Store on iTunes for $ 3.95 USD

The 10 best games for iPad 2015 (part 1)

The 10 best games for iPad 2015 (part 3)

Monument Valley, king of kings

king and king in sales of downloads

Monument Valley. Little games created exclusively for mobile supports such as smartphones have generated such excitement as Monument Valley. Just Angry flappy birds or bird that is remember, generated such feeling. Just start by saying that he has been a game for the most awards in the year 2014, your criticisms have been extraordinarily good, many means the referred to as a masterpiece. Users have been those who have given fame to this application, are the ones you have known admire its very neat graphics and fun from the minute number one.

Monument Valley Game - Line for iPad

In Monument Valley every single detail is taken care of, the less its price is relatively high for what it takes to finish the game, but only for his music, its graphics and geometry impossible Escher make it a good investment in the short term, since the end of the game is very fast, although the developers have decided to extend eight levels more for the enjoyment of the users, that yes, before you have to go into housing and pay the €1.79 costing on the App Store and enjoy this magnificent game.

Creates, Builds, and enjoy

By using the geometry of Escher, Monument Valley are created puzzles for which you’ll have to guide the princess star of the game, by roads and impossible without any logic whatsoever. The levels are very different with each other. You will have variety of buildings with the peculiarity that that are fictitious, are not real, you have to construct with your ingenuity and imagination. Designed in 3D, unveils its graphics details and careful that have been designed with care and dedication in all buildings to be carried out. Monument Valley will not leave you surprising level three level.


2.4 Million downloads

The downloads made by the users of different operating systems have been crucial to catalog to Monument Valley as the best in the year 2014. Of the 2.4 million downloads, 1.7 million have been downloads for the IOS system of Apple, through the App Store and the different suppliers of apps. In 10 million unique device has been installed, because the person who is the download for your iPhone, also makes it to the Ipad. We include that in the overall computation of these downloads are pirated the app. Monument Valley, king and king in sales of downloads. Its success is matched only messaging apps. Line messaging applications as also were deeply discharged all versions including Line for iPad.

$5.8 Million

Monument Valley has raised $5.8 million, of which the first day admitted 154,530 dollars, leaving an excellent taste in the mouth to the buyers and leaving the rumor among friends do the rest.