Line Apps

Line Apps for iOS and iPad

The creators of the well-known app messaging Line continue to develop new applications. Among the most popular apps we can find to:

  • Line Card
  • Line Brush
  • Line Tools
  • The app to capture selfies B612

The development team has a line of differentiator is the great entrepreneurial spirit and his desire to continue to evolve. For this reason the programrs of Line have launched over the past few months more applications that complement Line. Many of these apps have their version for IOS as Line for ipad.

A new LINE DECO bet Line

Since it came on the market the instant messaging application LINE, have not ceased to give surprises, and truly are always good.

This time we have left a implementation LINE DECO that is perfectly matched to the application mother LINE. With this new contribution, Line he wants us to have the desktops of our custom smartphones to our taste with more than 3000 funds of screens and icons.

Line deco three

LINE was the first application to the instant messages and the famous stickers that, although some of the packages are completely free, there are also those who are to be paid, and it is here where LINE you have income to be able to keep up their applications.

LINE DECO enters your desktop

When LINE out to the market the stikers, he pulled out several designs that have revolutionized the Chinese market, but now with LINE DECO this has changed for the better, since they have included more characters in the form of stikers, but what is interesting about this subject, is that you can change the covers of the applications of your operating system.

DECO LINE enters your desktopNot only is the thing in stikers, but also you can change the background wallpaper with icons of a very high resolution. With this you can completely change the appearance of your smartphone the times that you want, you can’t’ve completed all the characters and options of icons that are in Line DECO.

LINE DECO enters your desktop

 Good, nice and free

This app LINE DECO, is available for the Android operating system and for the IOS of Apple. We must be clear about the fact that as almost all the applications that are free, within them there is shopping for power and self-supporting, and offer the customer improvements and new tools. Unfortunately, we have been informed that for a few days LINE DECO has been completely free, as well as packets of payment, but is now in operation in the usual manner.

Good Line Deco, nice and free