The iPhone is reinventing

The model of iPhone 6.1-inch LCD will replace the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in the 2018 line of

The house where the iPhone, it bet on innovation, improving every day more, surpassing also, today we have the model of iPhone 6.1-inch LCD will replace the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in the line of 2018

The iPhone is reinventing

The iPhone is reinventing

Since the iPhone was launched to the market, he did it to stay, dazzled with their designs, with its shapes, colors, technological innovation, and has been the consented in what is referred to

as mobile in the whole production line, every year, the models are being developed, and this year could not be different, is already in a new iPhone more powerful, with greater capacity and from as many wish to have it in their power.

The most wonderful of the iPhone is that its asuarios or consumers, do not get tired of it, buy it, since that came on the market a decade ago, has managed to maintain, occupying a place of honor among the preferred smarthones.

For this there are no products to 2018

Well they say there that the Apple you plan to remove 2018 3 Terminals for this, among them it is said that one of the iPhone X Plus with 6.8-inch, this model has the great ability of the iPhone X to take advantage of every millimeter of his face since it has no borders. The case is that in addition to this rumor about the expansion of the iPhone X, also spoke of another terminal with a display of OLED panels and other IPS LCD. It is commenting lately is that the iPhone 6.1-inch LCD screen will replace the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in the line of terminals of the Apple 2018.

An error of advertising

Almost never happens that the same company is sabotage, but in the house of the iPhone, if it happened and he did when the iPhone 8 and its model, the iPhone 8 Plus, did not have much success in its output, given that were presented on the same day that the iPhone X, the current flagship of the apple, so the majority of the people waited two weeks after the launch of the model 8 to acquire the terminal symbol of a decade since the launch of the iPhone so that the sales of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were not too good to the point that we have come to see succulent discounts in China of both smartphones.

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