Monument Valley, king of kings

king and king in sales of downloads

Monument Valley. Little games created exclusively for mobile supports such as smartphones have generated such excitement as Monument Valley. Just Angry flappy birds or bird that is remember, generated such feeling. Just start by saying that he has been a game for the most awards in the year 2014, your criticisms have been extraordinarily good, many means the referred to as a masterpiece. Users have been those who have given fame to this application, are the ones you have known admire its very neat graphics and fun from the minute number one.

Monument Valley Game - Line for iPad

In Monument Valley every single detail is taken care of, the less its price is relatively high for what it takes to finish the game, but only for his music, its graphics and geometry impossible Escher make it a good investment in the short term, since the end of the game is very fast, although the developers have decided to extend eight levels more for the enjoyment of the users, that yes, before you have to go into housing and pay the €1.79 costing on the App Store and enjoy this magnificent game.

Creates, Builds, and enjoy

By using the geometry of Escher, Monument Valley are created puzzles for which you’ll have to guide the princess star of the game, by roads and impossible without any logic whatsoever. The levels are very different with each other. You will have variety of buildings with the peculiarity that that are fictitious, are not real, you have to construct with your ingenuity and imagination. Designed in 3D, unveils its graphics details and careful that have been designed with care and dedication in all buildings to be carried out. Monument Valley will not leave you surprising level three level.


2.4 Million downloads

The downloads made by the users of different operating systems have been crucial to catalog to Monument Valley as the best in the year 2014. Of the 2.4 million downloads, 1.7 million have been downloads for the IOS system of Apple, through the App Store and the different suppliers of apps. In 10 million unique device has been installed, because the person who is the download for your iPhone, also makes it to the Ipad. We include that in the overall computation of these downloads are pirated the app. Monument Valley, king and king in sales of downloads. Its success is matched only messaging apps. Line messaging applications as also were deeply discharged all versions including Line for iPad.

$5.8 Million

Monument Valley has raised $5.8 million, of which the first day admitted 154,530 dollars, leaving an excellent taste in the mouth to the buyers and leaving the rumor among friends do the rest.

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