Line for iPad

Line for iPad

“Line for iPad is the popular instant messaging application of Japanese origin. Enjoy the new version of Line on iPad. Download Line for iPad in your tablet. Talk to your friends and family. Share funny conversations wherever you are”

Line for iPad

Line for iPad is an instant messaging application with advanced features. This app is direct rival of WhatsApp. App is a free chat. AND is available for different operating systems for mobile devices. Most downloaded versions are:

  • Line for Android
  • Line for iPhone
  • Line on Windows Phone
  • Line on Blackberry
  • Line for Mac
  • Line for PC (Of equal function as other PC applications as WeChat for PC)


Line Apps

Line for iPad can be installed on your tablet along with other apps of the same developer. The company has developed several applications to complement the messaging app. All of the apps developed are available at the official website.

Line Apps and complementary applications Line ipad

Line for iPad competes directly with the versions of WhatsApp for iPad, WhatsApp for Samsung ,Viber for iPad and Wechat for iPad. It is an easy-to-use application. Does not require extensive expertise for use. Let’s see what steps we need to follow to install this app in our tablet.

Line free calls and messages from Line for iPad

Line for iPad leverages the advantages and convenience of using the biggest screen in your tablet. Send free messages whenever you want and make free calls from your mobile device to any user of the application.

Line free calls and messages

Enjoy free messages with this app instant messaging, your messages are sent at the time, you can make free calls and send text messages along with your stickers favorites from any place. From Line for iPad chats are private and you can create groups to share with your friends. Line free calls and messages are compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry,Nokia Asha OS and PC.

Line free calls and messages from Line for ipad

Make your video and voice calls for free and comunicate with all your friends from the best app of chat. Voice calls free are made in real time and bring you closer to your loved ones to feel that you have more close.

What we need to install Line in our iPad

The main requirement is to have a mobile number for the installation and use of the application. It is important to bear in mind that, if we have used the mobile number to install Line for Android or Line for iPhone, we cannot use the same number to install Line for iPad. The same mobile number cannot be used on multiple devices for the installation of the application.

There are services on the internet that we can facilitate a mobile number without cost. We can provide Fonyou mobile numbers without having to pay any telephone operator. We can provide Fonyou virtual numbers for mobile devices. With this service you can have a inbox for your text messages. With the virtual number you can send and receive messages. Line free calls and messages with Line iPad.

Installation of the Line for iPad

Many newcomers are afraid to install applications to your iPad. The large number of pages from where to install apps cause confusion among users. Our Council is that it is good to be cautious.

The installation for the iPad is very easy. The steps are very similar to the process of installation of Line on your iPhone. Ipad and IPhone use the same operating system. To download and install the line for the iPad is necessary to have a updated version of iOS. This allows us to enjoy the improvements that incorporate the latest versions of Line.

Line for Apple Watch

Offers Apple Watch App for iPhone. Among the functions of Line we can find Keep, now you can have everything in hand, saved messages, photos and videos to share with all your friends easily. And with Timeline you will be informed about updates of your friends and send photos with the location.

Line for Apple Watch or Line on iPad

In addition, the latest versions of Line are compatible with Apple Watch. Enjoy Line in Apple Watch. Last version 6.4.0 , updated on June 27, 2016 and with a size of application of 99.9 MB. Version of Line for Apple Watch. Offers Apple Watch App for iPhone.

Android version

We are going to see which is the version available on Line for Android:

  • Version 6.4.2
  • size: Varies with device
  • release date July 5, 2016
  • news: In this version has been improved the layout and display of the names of the senders of the messages and when we see the notification window
  • news version 6.4.2: Now you can use a web browser on line and you will enjoy of a web browsing easier with the application. In addition have improved the viewing of images and videos larger in the chats and in Timeline.