The 10 best games of 2015 for iPad (part 2)

Games for iPad part 2

We are analysing the best games for iPad. Know the part 2 of  the best games for iPad. Shares with Line for iPad all the developments for this devices. Play, share and enjoy with the best messaging app for iPad.

Leo’s Fortune

This game has been the winner of the Apple Design Award 2014. The company 1337 & Serin that has developed this game with brand new graphics, has opted for the creativity and quality for mobile devices, contributing to the genre of video games new ways to create apps to games.

Leo's Fortune A ball with a mustache of high quality

Leo’s Fortune: A ball with a mustache of high quality

Leo’s Fortune looks in an excellent manner on the screens of the Ipad with screen retina, its graphics are attractive for any target audience. The horizontal perspective of the game is still surprising, because the sense of depth is sensational. If to all this we add the originality, the myriad of brilliant colors and the addiction that creates this game, I am sure that will give you many hours of gameplay.

Leo's Fortune A ball with a mustache of high quality

Argument: Leopold El Dorado, the protagonist of this game, lives in a fantasy world. Leopold El Dorado a famed inventor with the shape of a ball with a moustache, you have to retrieve all of their wealth that you have been abducted to return to his home with his wife Mathilda name before it is time to sit down at the table for dinner.

Leo's Fortune A ball with a mustache of high quality

Platform game in 2D and with superb quality, manages to take his own personality thanks to its decoration and the variety of its diversity in the course and development of the game.

Leo’s Fortune available in the App Store for $ 0.99 USD

Monument Valley

We are faced with a game that surprised at your thematic simple but at the same time complex. With this game, makes it clear that you can also develop games for mobile devices and be able to enjoy many hours fun.

In our opinion Monument Valley it is one of the best games between the games for iPad.

Monument Valley Will captivate you from the start

With minimalist visuals, Monument Valley, presents us with a journey through various structures by which we guide you to the princess protagonist of this game, but we will have to be very careful, because not everything is what it seems.

Monument Valley: Will captivate you from the start

Intelligence is one of the things that have to point to finish with each level. The rotation of the different parts of each structure, pushing buttons and dodging enemies will be your task to compose a sure path to the princess to be able to pass through the without any difficulty.

Monument Valley Will captivate you from the start

Our ingenuity is the main thing we need to be pointed out, because you will have to be very sure what mechanism you’re going to move, to forge a happy ending. The complicated game levels are complemented with an ambience, with a few graphics and a soundtrack that will captivate you from the first minute of the game.

Game very simple but at the same time complicated to run. Its operation is excellent, despite the fact that its neat aesthetics has not been an obstacle to this. The levels increase in difficulty proposing different puzzles, but even so, you will get caught up since she began her music and see their first chart.

Monument Valley Will captivate you from the start

Its relatively high price not going to do that affliction is game. Available on the App Store on iTunes for $ 3.95 USD

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