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Can I delete WhatsApp messages that have been sent by mistake?

Can I delete WhatsApp messages that have been sent by mistake?

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Como borrar mensajes de Wthasaap

The WhatsApp app has become a necessary application to communicate. So much so that sometimes you risk not knowing about certain things because you do not use it.

Would you like to know as download Whatsapp on your PC?

In our country, the access of the app among terminal clients is over 90%. In Latin American countries, the application is very important.

The fact that an app is used so much that leads to errors are commented within it especially when sending a message to someone we should not. This error can be by confusing a chat or by referring something consciously of what we later regret.

In both cases we are lucky because WhatsApp has finally enabled the option to delete messages not only in our device but in those of our interlocutors.

To perform this operation it is necessary to have installed the same as the people with whom we speak also the latest version of the application.

How to delete sent messages

Como borrar mensajes de Wthasaap

To eliminate the messages you must do the same as before, but with an addition. Click on the message you want to delete, select the trash in the upper area and when the menu comes out select what you want to delete in our chat or, and this is the novelty, delete it for everyone.

This will replace the message with one that puts The message was deleted so our conversationalist will know at all times that you have deleted something, although obviously you will not know what it was.

Limited time to erase

Como borrar mensajes de Wthasaap

It is very important that you know that you do not have all the time in the world to erase the messages. It can only be done during the first 7 minutes since you submitted it.

In doing so, it will disappear from the chat, the registry and the notifications that our contact may have on your device.

This function was activated in the latest beta that you can download from its test program. WhatsApp has confirmed that it has spread to stable versions