With iOS 11 your photos and videos will occupy the half with the same quality

IOS 11
In the event of the WWDC 2017 Apple introduced a few news among these is the iOS 11 next operating system for iPhone and iPad with two new image formats called HEVC AND HEIF which will allow us to save a lot of space.
The videos and pictures in iOS used the compressed formats h.264 and JPG respectively. However as the camera enhances each year and the storage capacity must be increased to meet the actual demand,the company Apple has opted for a solution which is the perfect compromise between quality and compression.

With HEVC AND HEIF you can save up to 50% without losing image quality. HEVC: High Efficiency Video Coding or encoding video in high efficiency and HEIF: High Efficiency Image File Format or format files in high picture quality
Apple has not invented anything, what he has done is to adopt systems relatively new – HEIF was invented in 2015 and HEVC has approximately the same age – to improve the customers, both from the point of view of the storage as for streaming. In this way, Apple is preparing for a future which is increasingly geared toward consumption and creation of multimedia content.
Apple marks a trend in the technology sector and in the own WWDC 2017 commented on the need for the third-party applications adopt these compression formats for everything to be compatible.
For customers means that if the multimedia content occupies half, you can save the double of photos and videos in the same space.
To use HEIV AND HEVC it is necessary that the terminals have at least a chip TO9

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