This is why the iPad Pro does not have 3D Touch

This is why the iPad Pro does not have 3D Touch

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Are very formidable new models iPad Pro from Apple. Your processor to10X FUSION supplemented with sensors and updated in your camera, technology promotion of your screen and customer experience more polished make this tablet one of the best on the market.

However despite all those amazing technical specifications, the iPad Pro from Apple even do not have with the 3D functionality Touch.

The 3D function Touch came as a unique feature of the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus.From here has always been present in all the new models of iPhone with the exception of the iPhone.

Why Apple has not entered the 3D Touch in their iPad Pro?

The 3D functionality Touch this based on a technology that allows the terminal to recognize different points of pressure on the screen. In this way the customers of iOS will have the possibility to press normally, gently press or press more firmly on the screen to use the features “Peek” and “pop” of 3D touch and access shortcuts apps and the Control Center.

Why the iPad Pro does not have 3D Touch?

It would be nice to have with the 3D function Touch in the big screens of the iPad Pro but it would be physically impossible. The 3D Touch works differently in an iPhone to as it does in an Apple Watch or in a Magic Trackpad.

Each of the terminals has its own system 3D Touch to adapt to its operation and size. If Apple would like to bring the 3D Touch the iPad Pro would need to develop a completely new technology for the big screen on the terminal.

The same happens with the iPhone 8, Apple will have to find a solution to adapt the technology 3D touch to the OLED display from the terminal of the X Anniversary.