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It is an impressive Augmented Reality in the iPad

nuevo Pensil
As it is known by all the Apple Pencil has been a great invention. Capable of carrying at the highest level the technology of the iPad Pro for you to prove the artist you have inside. Thanks to its accuracy is able to make you create things truly amazing. Without a doubt it is a marvel of technology.
It may be that already have seen a good number of demonstrations impressive of augmented reality using ARKit Apple, but you have not seen anything like this: sculpt in AR with the pen of Apple. Yes, you read it right.

nuevo Pensil-02
The demo has been shown on Friday on YouTube by the developer with headquarters in India Fabin Rasheed. This customer does not go into great detail about all the things that the app can perform. Has published a message on your Facebook account to provide an overview of what the app is intended to accomplish, and the thing promises.
The app, which is called MakerStudio, shows the ability to create 3D objects and painting with augmented reality with the accuracy of the pen of Apple. Even it is not known when this app will be available to the public, but is only another vision exciting what clients of iOS 11 may do once you put your hands on the iPhone enabled for AR 8.
It is amazing what can be done with the Apple Pencil, and I am sure that you too you are removing all the juice as possible.

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