how much money earn Apple with the iPhone 6?

Presented the financial results of Apple. 3rd trimesters fiscal 2015

Apple is a technology company that, since a few years ago you are giving your financial data leaving the economic analysts out of the game. It is rumored that Apple has more money than the US government, why many expect these data to see the force that has in the world. Submitted data, Apple generates a turnover of 74,600 million in turnover, of which 18,000 million dollars are net benefits for the company.

how much money earn Apple with the iPhone 6?

Part of these benefits are given by the millionaire sales that have their products mainly the IPhone, this being the flagship of the best-selling products of this company. The sale of smartphones Apple-branded, breaking every time you leave a new model. With the launch of the Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 Plus sales have been spectacular, breaking all previous records from previous models of iPhone. 74.5 million units have been sold in the whole world in three chiling months. Looking at these sales, the iPhone users wanted to see a model with very different style to the two previous models. The larger screen of the new iPhone, has done that the buyers committed this mark, dump found in sales by making these data as positive for the Brand.

26 million iPad sold

Sales of the Ipad Tablets of Apple are not far behind as the last year Apple sold 21.4 million units, being last year’s sales of 26 million units. Apple shows its strength among users of tablets letting us see that the quality is prepended to other brands of mobile technology.

We must not forget the different products that makes Apple, why the Mac computer, also has been a product that has increased their sales. Each time the users of the iPhones and iPods are passed to the Apple computers leaving the Microsoft Windows operating system. The units sold of the authorizing officers Mac are 5.5 million units in the world, with 4.8 million units sold last year. This finding shows that the Apple operating systems are good and excellent quality.

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