How to select the iPad ideal

All the new line you can find in Line For Ipad

Como seleccionar Ipad ideal
The company Apple provides at present four different models of iPad, it is possible that halles other versions in other shops and web pages as MediaMarkt, Worten, eBay, Amazon, etc.
If you want to buy your tablet through the services of purchase of apple you will find available models iPad, iPad Pro 10.5 inches, iPad Pro 12.9 inches and iPad mini 4.

Como seleccionar Ipad ideal
These models are equipped with a large number of differences in both its price and in their technical specifications and also in its design. Compare Line with download WeChat free on your iPad .


Como seleccionar Ipad ideal
The iPad the year 2017 technically belongs to the 5th generation of tablets of Apple. If buscaras an equivalent with respect to the iPhone would be like the iPhone. Is an iPad of special edition with a very affordable price. Account with a chip to9, 2 GB of RAM and two storage options: 32 GB and 128 GB. Its rear camera has 8 Megapixels and your camera FaceTime has 1.2 megapixels.
Is an iPad ideal for all customers who have a budget a little more low and do not mind that does not have the latest hardware.

IPad Mini 4

Como seleccionar Ipad ideal
The iPad mini 4 Apple has a display of 7.9 inches and its cost, like the iPad 2017, is quite lower than in the rest of tablets of the company. Has a processor to8, 2 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage capacity.
If you are a person who likes to travel a lot this iPad Mini 4 is a perfect choice and that you can take with you anywhere.

IPad Pro 12.9 inches

Como seleccionar Ipad ideal
The iPad Pro 12.9 inches is the tablet larger than Apple has sold to date. Has a processor to10X and 4 GB of RAM. Is a tablet clearly focused to improve productivity, is ideal for all those people who use it for their work and projects, especially for writers, editors, artists, graphic designers.

IPad Pro 10.5 inches

Como seleccionar Ipad ideal
The model of 10.5 inches has many things in common with the iPad 12.9 inches: PROCESSOR TO10X, 4 GB of RAM, iSight camera of 12 megapĂ­xele. But its size is lower and more manageable. Due to its dimensions is an iPad for use it more for the day to day

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