Line Here app

Line Here

Line Here

‘You will know at all times where your people are.

LINE HERE, so you know where yours are.

Do not you want to share your location all the time? With the timer only sharing your location for a specified time.

With the timer, the location sharing feature automatically stops when the clock reaches zero.

LINE HERE The app is perfect for when

1- Sales with your friends: You have been with friends, but where are they ?, with this application will be very easy to know your location.

  1. Nightlife and outdoor activities: Enjoy your time and forget about the worries. Do not waste time looking for your friends.
  2. Always close to yours: In an amusement park and you do not find yours? My daughter has not come home. Where you been?

Main features of this app Line Here

Line Here

  1. Can you locate your friends in real time and can see where members of a living being.
  2. Smart Notifications of places: do not have to be looking at the phone all the time to find yours as notifications instead of LINE HERE alert you when your friends arrive or depart from a particular site.
  3. Share your location safely with the timer: Do not you want to share your location all the time? The temporazidor is for you, set it from 1 to 24 hours.
  4. Create and manage shared rooms location when you want: From hang out with your friends, family, couple or traveling to meetings, create and manage location share rooms anytime.
  5. Manage when and how you want to share your location: You decide when to use location sharing function.
  6. Invites friends from all social networks: You can invite friends from other social networks like LINE, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or DOWNLAOD WECHAT FREE in your mobile device.

Note: LINE HERE uses GPS technology. You can that your location information may not be accurate if you are in an enclosed area.