Line Greeting Card

Line Greeting Card


ONLINE greeting card already has more than 14 million customers. It is located in No. 1 place free apps in the App Store in 5 countries including Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia.

With this app you can send personalized messages of love or congratulations. Only need to select the card from any category and combine this with a message and image of your choice, you can also send greeting cards to other customers of lines including your friends, family and loved ones all too easily

With this card you can tell your friend a “Happy Birthday”; or “Thank you” to that special person. Express your feelings openly with these greeting cards.


Main features


1- Choose from a wide selection of free cards

2- The cards will update automatically to suit every occasion

3- Choose your own images from your library

4- optimized filtering adjusts the image quality automatically to fit the card.

5- Customize your message

6- Send your application online directly after editing

7- You can save albums

You must keep in mind that you will have some cards to be downloaded (all downloads are free). Once the card has been downloaded, tap it to start editing. If your version of LINE is lower than 1.5, you can not send your cards directly from the app line card. Updates the line application at a higher version 1.6 before using this app. If the online friends More than 1 friend from the list is selected, your card will be sent to them through a group chat room.

Thank you very much for reading and enjoy sending your cards.

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