Line Antivirus


LINE the app messaging and free calls presents “LINE Anti Virus“. This security app free protect all your personal information. It is very easy to use and will be protected. With the app “Line Antivirus para Android” you can effectively remove viruses that are on your smartphone. The anti virus is the most complete.

Features Anti Virus LINE


1 – It is very easy to use: search for harmful programs and any type of malware in seconds accounts with the option to do a full scan.

2- Real time monitoring: will inform notifications or the widget instantly of any abnormal activity that is as well as the threats are found. Keep full control with this function.

3- Check which apps have access to your personal information: this feature you will see clearly what information access apps you have installed. Contacts, location information, call history, etc. Select which apps consider high risk and eliminate them quickly. The applications you trust can add to the list “” Applications Safe “”.


4 – Choose how you want the app to work: set what content you want to scan or if you want to activate the real-time monitoring.

5 – Function anti-smishing: Smishing, or SMS phishing, a fraudulent practice is gathering personal information you besides causing loss of money sending harmful apps through the URL that are sent in messages.

6 – Function with a simple touch: Delete history you terminal and the RAM very easily.


7 – Delete files securely: now you can safely delete your files and personal information will not be leaked to change terminal or to waste your device.

8 – New management feature apps: manages apps installed on your smartphone while and you do not use.


Protect your SmartPhone to the app LINE Anti-Virus!

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