It seems that apple is still thought of your car

Continue the rumours about seems to be that the rumors that gave to Apple as a builder of cars are certain. These rumours come from California, where it has displaced the Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne. With this trip Mr. Marchionne has made a visit Elon Musk, leader of Tesla Motors and also step to the Apple CEO, Mr. Tim Cook.

Continue the buzz about the Apple Car

Interviews with three great CEOS

Mr. Marchionne has not wanted to give many explanations on the interview that has been done with these two great CEOs of Apple and Tesla. We know that Tesla is one of the manufacturers of automotive batteries, but more recently also have emerged in the news for the creation of some batteries for the home, and that in a future will be much talked about.

Interviews with three great CEOS

After visiting the factory of Tesla, the CEO of Fiat Chrysler has made some statements where it was said that the creations of Tesla are very good and that this “credibly impressed” with what has been achieved. It is very possible that Mr. Marchionne refers to the Tesla batteries for electric cars.

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Later, picked up on it with the advances in Tesla, has ensured that the Apple CEO Tim Cook is interested in the market for electric cars. In their statements has not wanted to spread widely, and has not been very clear with the intentions of Apple, because only has said that “is interested in entering the market of cars, that is their role”. With only these statements, Marchionne has turned it on again the alarms on the manufacture of the Apple Car.

The experts speak on Apple Car

The experts in the topic, give their views and believe that it is pure marketing maneuvers to more iPhone style, that drop rumors on the subject, for that as well the rumors are borne by the network.

The experts speak on Apple Car

Remember that the rumors about Apple car came out several months ago now, and even came to light the name of Titan to give name to the project. As we said, the Apple CEO Tim Cook has already recruited engineers and experts in electric cars, but what we didn’t know was that it has hired Steve Zadesky an expert and leader in this field. Rumors about the output of the car to the market of Apple do not cease, and say that at the beginning of the 2020 Apple will have your vehicle ready for sale.The rumors are becoming increasingly stronger environment the Apple Car.

The rumors are becoming increasingly stronger environment the Apple Car

Few days ago, on the streets of Palo Alto (California), was seen a car with multiple cameras in the ceiling giving the alarm, which if the join to the statements of Sergio Marchionne dan as a result the car of Apple. But unconfirmed sources have made it clear that this vehicle is not the electric prototype of Apple, but a vehicle for the improvement of the maps.

The rumors are becoming increasingly stronger environment the Apple Car

Will Apple, Tesla and Fiat Chrysler preparing something together for the construction of the car that could revolutionize the automobile market?

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