B612 won the Red Dot “Best of the Best” 2015

The essential is invisible to the eyes. # B612

With the app B612, your picture will be more vivid than ever. Show your true self in multiple harmonies of light. Take your time and be amazed to see your inherent beauty.




1- selfie-film with B612: Click for a while the screen to record your best times in 3 seconds.

2- 81 filters: Have you thought about how you have seen in the eyes of The Little Prince?. You can check with 81 filters.

3- Random Filters: Can not find the filter you like best? It allows the help of random choice.

4 – Vignettes: A softer or more vivid effect? Get the perfect touch to your photos.

5 – Effect diorama: blurs the image naturally to realzarte.

6- Compositions: Impress everyone with your smiles together in a photo.

7- Share: You can share your photos simpler way in sociles networks like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram.

8 – Silencer: Shhhh! Take your photos stealthily, noiselessly

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