Line SnapMovie


With the LINE app Line SnapMovie you can make movies of 30 seconds and edit them with great pleasure. SnapMovie used to capture the landscapes that you like on trips you do, besides being able to leave recorded the first steps of children, and the time of the proposed special commitment to your life.

Features LINE SnapMovie

1- offers simple yet stylish filters: The app SnapMovie has for you interesting filters that you can put him particular beauty. Makes every one of your shots to keep the originality that has developed in your mind.

2. Titles moving Call his title sequences of images to give the final touch. Defines the style to make it even more interesting. Use fixed or conceive yours own titles.

3. Background music for every occasion: We have the amazing photo, but would you missing something ?, ponle background music to close with a flourish.
4. Share is simple: not only have a LINE but can use social networks like Facebook, Instagram or you favorite social network to share movies with your friends, family or partner.

5. Updates attributes: The app shows you new attributes SnapMovie periodically, so that you alternate and try other possibilities.
SnapMovie the app is only available for Android 4.0.3 and above.

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